Amelia Bedelia Means Business


Author: Herman Parish

Illustrator: Lynne Avril

ISBN-10: 0062094963
ISBN-13: 978-0062094964

Main Character: Amelia Bedelia


Amelia Bedelia needs to find a way to make money to buy a new bike like Suzi’s.

She gets a job as a waitress, opens a lemonade stand, and sells tarts.

Finally, Amelia Bedelia enters into a contest to try and win a new bike.

My favorite part of the story: Is how Amelia gets confused when grown ups say things like, “the bike will cost an arm and a leg.” She thinks that she really has to give somebody her arm and leg just to have a bike.

Why I like this book: I like this because Amelia Bedelia is very funny, even when she isn’t  trying to be. I also like the illustrations and seeing Amelia Bedelia as a kid, not an adult.

My rating: 5

Reading difficulty: Easy for me

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