Books I found at the grocery store

When Rahni and I go grocery shopping, we usually stop and look at the books to see what’s 0n sale and what’s new. Also, in our local grocery, it’s right next to one of our favorites…the frozen broccoli. On my solo trip the other day, I came across 3 very interesting looking books. The content is a bit too advanced for Rahni right now, but maybe in the near future.

As you can tell, my favorite kinds of books usually involve magic and/or mystery as I thoroughly enjoy sci fi and fantasy.  Rahni loves pretty much anything, but fantasy seems to be her favorite right now. She  is itching to read the Harry Potter series, but I have told her that she should definitely hold off until she is really able to comprehend how awesome they are.:)

From the synopsis on the covers and information that I have gathered from the inter-webs, these 3 books seem to be pretty amazing. All 3 are part of a series, which is pretty much the trend these days, and  they also have some great content on the websites. Of the 3, The Books of Elsewhere seem to be the most interesting to me. The storyline reminds me of Coraline, and the trailer for The Apothecary seems like something from Henry Selick.


Three Times Lucky

Book #1

By Sheila Turnage


In Tupelo, South Carolina, 11 year old Mo LoBeau’s best friend Dale  is a prime suspect in a town murder. Mo and Dale must clear his name. As they set out to solve the mystery of who killed old Mr Jesse, they uncover truths about their own lives.

Learn more about the book  here

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The Apothecary

Book #1

By Maile Maloy


This one is another mystery about a girl who moves from California to London with her family. She meets a boy named Benjamin, the son of an apothecary named Marcus. Marcus is kidnapped and it’s up to Benjamin and Janie to find him, and maybe even save the world.

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The Books of Elsewhere

The Shadows Vol 1

By Jacqueline West


Another story of magic and mystery. 11 year old Olive and her parents move into an old house with old creepy paintings and talking cats. Olive soon finds out that she can travel into the paintings, where she learns about the dark shadows that are trying to take over.

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