My favorite thing I read this week

Title: Little Lulu #253 comic
Main Character(s): Lulu, Dad, Mom, Annie, and Alvin
Why is it your favorite book this week? Because it was a lot of different funny stories. The Witch Hazel story was the funniest of them all.



Princess Candy: The Green Queen of Mean

Princess Candy: The Green Queen of Mean


Author: Michael Dahl
Pictures by/Illustrator: Jeff Crowther

ISBN-10: 1434228037
ISBN-13: 978-1434228031

Main Character(s): Halo Nightly, Flora, and Doozie Hiss


Halo’s teacher, Mr. Slink gave the class an assignment to make a report on ways to reduce pollution.

Halo was paired with Flora, a girl who loved the environment and called herself a tree hugger.

Doozie Hiss, the class bully was going to try and ruin Halo and Flora’s report.

Flora turns out to be more powerful than Halo knew.

My favorite part of the story: Was when Flora turned into the The Green Queen and her and Halo had a battle.

What I learned from this book: Pollution kills the earth and that we need to clean up behind ourselves.

My rating: 5

Reading difficulty for me: Easy for me

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