My name is Alicia, or Mom, and I created this blog in dedication to my daughter’s love of books and reading, and also as a tool to motivate and encourage her to take her reading a step further. Rahni reviews books that she has read and I edit the reviews and publish them here. Her reviews are very short summaries, usually no more than 3-5 sentences. In the reviews, we also include a rating between 1-5 with 1 being the least, new or difficult words from the book, and learning difficulty.

I also post book lists that I have found or made, craft projects that she and I have done, resources and tips for other parents, etc.


We really hope that you enjoy our posts and thanks for checking us out!





3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi

    I would like, if possible, for you to review my story in your blog. I’m sending you the English version pdf, there is also a version in Spanish and soon in Portuguese and Galician.

    The story can also be found and acquired in amazon at the following links:

    Birdie and the water

    El pajarito y el agua

    Many thanks

    Matilde Toimil

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