Podcast now available on iTunes


First off, I can’t believe I was able to submit the podcast correctly. Only after 30 plus tries because my image was not within the correct parameters for the iTunes store, was I able to get a successful upload. Now, if I can only remember what I did for the next time-_-.
The first episode is a “rough draft” as I really just wanted to see of I was able to do it correctly. I have ideas for how and what I want this to evolve into and it will take a great deal of diligence and focus one part. I’m super excited at the possibilities and I hope that you guys will be able to come along for the ride with us!
Sidebars: who but me would give the wrong address for their blog? If you’re here that means you akreDh know the address, thankfully! 😉 for those wanting to subscribe to future episodes of the cast you can listen here on the blog, or follow us on Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/alicia-allen-26 or subscribe on iTunes.


3 thoughts on “Podcast now available on iTunes

    • Yes it will be! …as soon as the both of us are well again:) I had gotten sick last week and then she was sick right after so we haven’t had a chance to record the 2nd episode. It’s always something, right? lol! Thank you for always interacting and reading our posts! I truly appreciate it.

      • I enjoy them and since they’re not constant, it’s easier 🙂 I’m still trying to figure out how to cut back on all the social media. There’s too much that’s interesting, that’s for sure! lol I hope you’re both feeling better and had a Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

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