I had some high expectations for this blog

Ok. So I started this blog for Rahni. I had a baking blog (let’s not even talk about what happened to it) that she was intrigued by and wanted her own blog. Of course at the time she was 6. What would a 6 year old’s blog be about?? I decided that she and I would collaborate with the expectation of her getting older and taking over the blog herself.
About that…
We started off really great; she would review books, I would post them. We posted pics of all the books we picked up at the library, I made book lists, etc. Here lately though? Not so much. What happened? Life. Life happened.
I can’t remember the last time we posted a book review or the last time I made any lists of book recommendations. Every time I log into Pinterest and see all of the other bloggers/great moms with their “books for Halloween” or “great books for 3rd graders” types of list, I reflect on just how much effort I have not been putting into this blog and immediately translate that into my terrible parenting skills. I know, I know. I’m crazy. But it seems like I’ve had so many missed opportunities for great blog posts, yet so little time. For instance, one of my friends said she was going to take a look at the blog to get some gift ideas for her girls. …wait? Gift ideas? I felt like I was caught with my pants down. People actually remembered that I have a blog and looked at it??? What?? Here it is mid Nobember and I haven’t made any mention of the holidays on any posts so far. Not even as much as a picture of a turkey, a cornucopia…nothing! Meanwhile I’m sure there are tons of other blog sites/great parents who blog that probably have new Christmas themed backgrounds, blinking lights, activities, contests, gift ideas, etc. Le sigh. I seriously need to get it together. My brain is like a web browser with a million open windows and I just don’t have enough time to execute all of these really awesome projects that I have bookmarked for later.
Speaking of which, we started a podcast. We have 1 episode up on the blog and I was supposed to record one yesterday…however, I have an awful cold. My voice is shot and I feel terrible. I’m currently writing this post while laying in my bed hopped up off of NyQuil on my phone. So far the score is Podcast staying on track 0 me being sick 1.
I will not be dettered though. Sometimes you just have to take things in stride. As far as the blog goes, this is my 3rd post in as many days so yay me for that! No book reviews though, which was the main intention of this blog. I hope that I can keep up this momentum and post some more helpful and entertaining things for you guys. I seriously appreciate the follows, the likes, the reblogs, etc. you guys are so awesome!
My goals this week are to
1. Get better
2. Make a gift ideas list
3. Record a couple more podcast episodes.
Wish me luck!


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