Amelia Bedelia Unleashed



Author: Herman Parish

ISBN-10: 0062095005

ISBN-13: 9780062094995

Main characters: Amelia Bedelia, Charlie, Pierre, Mom, and Dad

Amelia Bedelia’s parents agree to let her get a dog instead of a baby brother or sister. The problem is, she doesn’t know what kind of dog she wants.

Amelia helps her neighbor, Diana with her dog walking service and ends up meeting Charlie and Pierre. Pierre is Charlie’s poodle and he is a show dog. Amelia helps Charlie get Pierre ready for a dog show and he even wins a prize!

Amelia Bedelia finally gets her own dog . She was so happy that she was ok with not having a baby brother or sister.

My favorite part:
When Amelia’s dad asked her if a dog was a retriever, and she thought that he asked, “retriever her?”
I also liked some of the things that I learned about different dog breeds.

Why I like this book:
Because I love all of the Amelia Bedelia books. She is so funny!

My rating:

Reading difficulty:


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