Book It!


In the summer months, when reading is not an assignment from a teacher, it may be harder for parents to motivate their students to continue with the momentum that they have gained during the school year. I find that contests and programs such as Book It and those sponsored by local public libraries can be just the right thing to get kids excited about reading all year long. For this particular summer program by Book it, students only have to read 5 books to be able to enter a chance to win prizes. Teachers can enter their class into the program or parents can enter their students. There are resources for parents and teachers and also games, reading lists for books that have been made into movies, printables, tips for parents, and much more! They even encourage students/families to use #BOOKit on Instagram to share what they are reading! The program starts June 1st and ends August 15. There are some really great resources on this site, and I recommend that you take a moment to check it out. Pizza Hut has done an amazing job putting together a really cool and fun summer reading program for kids, kuddos to them for that!


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