Value Book Packs From Scholastic Book Club

I may not have mentioned this before, but we absolutely LOVE Scholastic Reader! I always looked forward to the day that my teacher would distribute order forms when I was in school. I would rush home and circle all of my favorite books and then my mom and I would narrow the 100 books I selected down to my favorite few. It was always such a hard thing  to do. Now, 30 years later, my daughter is coming home just as excited..if not more so, than I was but with just as many books selected. Since I happen to be a sucker for literature, I always end up buying more than the set limit that I gave her. It’s really hard to restrain because the kid picks out some really good books and I find my self getting just as excited as she is about reading them. 🙂

Well, last night during our “quiet time” (I silently read and she reads aloud quietly) we decided to go through her latest Scholastic flyer but we ended up just going to the website instead. The layout of the site is phenomenal and the prices are more than reasonable. They have so many different kinds of books that one can waste quite a bit of time there and your shopping cart can get really full really fast, The best thing I found though, is the awesomely priced book packs! You get a pack of books from a series that are value priced and they are some really great series books. Since Rahni likes to read series/chapter books, I found the book packs to be extremely attractive for the price points! Here are some of our favorites

Bad Kitty Pack



Pete The Cat Pack



Whatever After Pack



Black Lagoon Series



My Weird School and My Weirder School Pack



These are just a few of our favorites, but there are so many more to choose from! Click here to see all the value book packs available.

Happy reading!



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