From Mom: Crafting

Rahni and I have recently been looking for ideas for Valentine’s Day cards for her class. While on one of my favorite sites, Pinterest, we found some Owl pillow boxes and fell in love! The cuteness overload and “awwww ” factor was ridiculous! Just so you don’t think I am over reacting, you can check out some of my favorite ones here, here, and here. Cute right?? There was just one problem…Mommy could not find any pillow boxes (add…”that she wanted to pay an exorbitant amount for just for them to get thrown away.”) The last link from Parent’s Magazine used toilet paper rolls, which have the same shape as the pillow boxes at the top. But who has 25 empty TP rolls just laying around the house??? So, I brainstormed.
I went to my favorite store on the entore planet, Targét, and purchased a box of plain brightly colored notecards and envelopes. They come at about 200 in a pack in about 5 various colors for only about $12.99. Then I purchased some super adorable 8 packs of pencils from the dollar bin section because I wanted to incorporate them like I saw here.
I knew that I could probably use my scalloped scissors or scalloped circle punch for the feathers. The rest, I just decided to play by ear.
After playing around with the design, Rahni and I both decided that we needed a pouch for candy in addition to the pencil gift because I’m overly ambitious, and she is 6 and has no concept of time or money so she just really doesn’t care how much effort I must put in to make it happen. I can deal with that for this craft. :).
These are the 2 candy/card pouches we came up with.
This first one I hot glued the edges and left the top open. For the feathers, I used my Cricut and cut out 1 inch circles. Then I made the eyes from 1 1/2 inch circles, the side feathers are 2 inch hearts, and the feet are 1 inch hearts. I liked the look a lot but the individual feathers were too time consuming.

For the second one, I decided to try using the scalloped 2inch circle cutter for the feathers. I also sewed the three sides together instead of using hot glue. It doesn’t look as intricate as the first one, but I think it will be a lot easier for Rahni to assemble and less time consuming.

They both have candy in them just to see if it would fit, and the feet are a little rough because I was figuring out the “where to put the pencil” thing. (I decided to just hot glue it directly to the paper, by the way.)
We’ll post better pictures once we actually do the ones for her class!
Thanks for reading!



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