From Mom: Chapter Books for African American Girls

While I was online recently looking for books to add to Rahni’s reading list for 2014, I remembered that I had come across a book series  about a little girl named Dyamonde Daniel by Nikki Grimes. I heard of this last year on and added book 1, Make Way for Dyamonde Daniel to Rahni’s ‘To Read’ list but like 100 or so of the other books listed, I forgot to go back and research it. I am now kicking myself. I did some research on Nikki Grimes books and discovered that she has a vast array of books ranging from picture books for very young readers to chapter books for older or more advanced readers. Where have I been? While I have been on the hunt, tirelessly searching for books to keep my daughter’s interest, and searching all kinds of book lists from graphic novels for kids  to books about strong girls, and graphic novels for girls, never once did I think to look for books that would have characters that LOOK like her. An aha moment!

So today I actually Googled “Chapter books for African American girls” and an entire new world of books appeared before my very eyes! I felt like a kid in a candy store! Whoopi Goldberg even has a series of books about a group of young girls who are dancers called The Sugar Plum Ballerinas! How awesome is that considering Rahni is a dancer!?  I even found a series called Liberty Porter, about a young African American girl that is the daughter of the President! I know I may seem way too excited right now…because I seriously am, but I feel like reading just got THAT MUCH MORE FUN if that is at all possible! Also, I didn’t mention that not all of these books are by African American authors…how cool is that??

Below I have listed some of the books that we have earmarked as ‘to read’ this year. They seem like really fun books, and although they are based on African American characters, I am more than certain that they will be relatable  and entertaining for any ethnicity.


Visit these talented authors pages for more info!

Nikki Grimes

Kim Wayans

Julia DeVillers

Melissa Thomson

Karen English

Derrick Barnes

Sharon M. Draper

14 thoughts on “From Mom: Chapter Books for African American Girls

  1. Another book to add to this great list: Candy Jones For Class President by Afiya Lawer. We can send over a complimentary copy if you would like.

  2. My baby loved the Nikki & Deja stories. Keena Ford didn’t seem to hold her attention which surprised me. I’m glad to see some of these titles that I didn’t know about have the Scholastic emblem on them since it’s that time of year again for book orders.

    • Nikki and Deja is a great series! You know that anytime you order from Scholastic online throughout the year, as long as you registered her teacher gets points and books for the class. Free books for you guys too sometimes!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I just came across Dyamonde Daniel- right at the end of the school year for my 2nd graders, and I wish I had seen it sooner. I will definitely be checking out these other books you mention.

  4. Excellent info. I would like to have the contact info. I am trying to join a book club to pay by the month, that focus on African American books for girls. So that my granddaughter can choose her book for the month. She wants to get her book in the mail with her name on it.

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  7. Thank You Thank you so much for this post and list! Trying to get my daughter to be a more active reader ! I hope this works!

  8. OMG my 7 y/o daughter LOVES LOVES LOVES reading, so we are CONSTANTLY at our local library and it is becoming more and more difficult to find books chapter books that keep her interest. And I don’t know why it never occurred to me to google “chapter books for African American girls”. I am SO happy I read this blog. Thank you for posting. Our local library does not have the best selection of childrens’ book, or other books, for Af Am readers.

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