Author: Sara Pennypacker

Illustrator: Marla Frazee

ISBN-10: 0786838833

ISBN-13: 978-0786838837

Main Characters: Clementine, her family, Margaret, and Principal Rice


Clementine is a funny story about a little girl who seems to always be trouble, but is really only trying to help.  Just like the time she helped Margaret and Principal Rice and Margaret’s mom thought she did something bad. She thinks that her parents are planning to get rid of her and keep her little brother because she is the “hard one” and he is the “easy one”.

My favorite part of the story: Was when she came up with a way for her Dad to win the war with the pigeons.

Why I like this book: It’s funny and it was easy to read along with the lady reading the book (audio book).

My rating: 5

Reading difficulty: Easy but some words were a little hard at first.

New words I learned: bureau, consequences, orthodontist, nitrogen, resourcefulness, astounding


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