From Mom: Resources For Raising Readers


I come from a family of readers. From the time that I can remember, books and reading have always been a big part of my life, and I owe that to my family. When I was a child I can remember how my mother, aunt’s and grandmother would trade books amongst each other and have discussions about them that were so interesting that I couldn’t wait until I was able to discuss them too. I would pick up any book that I could get my hands on and read just because I was drawn to all of the words on the pages and the smell of the book. I would sit in a corner or on my bed and just completely immerse myself in whatever it was that I was reading. I remember one of the first books that I read, was Flowers In The Attic by VC Andrews. Although there was a lot that I didn’t understand being that I was so young, I still had an over whelming sense of accomplishment. After that, I remember the movie The Never Ending Story came out and I wanted to be EXACTLY like Sebastian. I wanted to be able to sit in a quiet place with just me, my book, a blanket, and a great story so that I could completely get lost in it’s pages. So I read more. I really focused on the content of what I was reading so that I could truly comprehend and then my reading really took off. From that point on reading has become both a passion and a therapy for me. It calms me after a long or hard day, it allows my imagination to soar, and it opens my mind to new possibilities and ideas.

I am just very thankful that same passion has manifested itself within my daughter. From the time she came into the world until now, I have always promoted reading. Some of her first gifts from me were books. Reading time in our home happens just as often as bedtime and dinner time because to me, it is that important. I remember when she brought her first Book In A Bag home from school and read the entire thing aloud to me without any help. I cried, of course. She was so excited and felt so accomplished. It was only her second time reading the book, so she hadn’t memorized it like some of the ones in regular rotation at home. It struck me that my child was actually reading words by herself and I could not have been more proud! Now, we cannot stop her from reading. Her newest passion are graphic novels and comics, which I really love because I love those too. Also, my mother was a huge comic book collector so to see my daughter emulate something that in my eyes, the greatest woman on the planet did, is huge parenting win for me!

I never thought that book fairs and trips to the library would be on the top of the list of things to do for a 6 year old, but to my sweet surprise they are.

The road to reading hasn’t been the easiest though, and it didn’t just happen over night. It took a lot of time, and a lot of patience. It also has taken a lot of help for me to find better ways to encourage and coach Rahni in her reading. Below I have included some links to websites that I find helpful. There are many tips, techniques, and guides to cultivating your child’s reading. It’s important to do what works best for you and your family and to remember that all children do not learn the same way and are not stimulated by the same things. I hope that within these links, you may find some information to help you and your family through your literacy journey.

If there are any resources that I do not have listed, please leave a comment so that I can check them out!

Happy reading!


The National Center For Literacy

Reading Rockets

US Department of Education

International Reading Association


Raising Readers


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