5 Sales don’t make a success

I just went to Amazon US and downloaded this on my kindle. I think this is a great story for children to learn about the different kinds of clouds and how rain is made!

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Snuffles and the Cloud People Cirrus People


Two weeks ago my children’s picture book ‘Snuffles and the Cloud People‘ was released on the Amazon platform.  I was relieved that the culmination of years of work had finally made it to this point.  I was excited to send this infant child of mine out into the world. 

If one swallow doesn’t make a summer, 5 sales certainly don’t make a success.  This is not an easy fact to face but a fact none the less and I find it depressing.  I considered not writing this post.  I almost feel that pronouncing failure after just 2 weeks will somehow rob the future of success, if it is waiting around a corner.  Motivational speakers would accuse me of killing my infant book through negative thinking.  Possibly they would be right.  I feel however that truth and honesty must be a cornerstone. 

I still hope that the book…

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