Summer Reading Program at the Louisville Free Publice Library


Summer Reading Program at the Louisville Free Public Library

If you didn’t know, LFPL Summer Reading Program has already kicked off, and if you aren’t taking advantage you could be missing out on some really GREAT prizes!

The program runs from June 1st to August 10th and it is open to children ages birth to 5 years, and the theme this year is Build Your Brain.

To enter,  reading cards available at the library or downloadable through their site.  Read books, list the books on your reading card, turn your card into the library, and then get prizes. It’s that simple! Did I mention that kids don’t even have to be able to read??  Parents, or who ever reads to the child, can actually include the books read to them on the card! How cool is that?

With Grand prizes such as $500 family shopping spree at Barnes and Noble bookstore, what in the world are you waiting for?

Also, if you have an elementary school aged child, ask your local librarian if your child’s school is participating in the reading war that is also running concurrent with the Summer Reading Program.

The Summer Reading Program was always a highlight for me as a child and I am very proud that my daughter is just as excited about it as I was!


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